Owner/Head Coach: Ian Carter

Owner/Head Coach:

Ceri Jones


  • Crossfit Certified Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids Certified
  • CrossFit Powerlifting certified
  • CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certified
  • CrossFit Football Certified
  • BWL Olympic Weightlifting
  • Freestyle connection gymnastics NAKA Athletics (Carl Paoli)
  • BSc (Hons) Sports Science
  • PGCE Secondary Physical Education
“I was the biggest advocate for “push – pull” strength based training that there was. Thinking that as long as I was improving in my bench press and bicep curls as well as throwing in the odd 3-6 km run I would be ticking all the boxes to achieve complete all round fitness. In reality all it was doing was decreasing my flexibility improving the chance of me becoming injured through bad technique and only improving my bench press and bicep curls not my all round performance. It was only after becoming bored of my training and seeing my results plateaux that I gave Crossfit a sceptical chance and I have not looked back since! Crossfit has transformed the way I approach my training especially with regard to technique and intensity. Ensuring that my training is constantly varied at a high intensity across all muscular movement types and energy continuums, I have experienced huge gains in weight being lifted, times being run and rowed and especially in the functional movements my improved technique now allows me to perform.
The community that is found in all Crossfit gyms is something very special and we take pride in the strong community that has developed at CelticCrossFit. everyone is made to feel welcome and being encouraged and spurred on by your fellow athletes and coaches to achieve PB’s every time you train is an amazing way to see quick gains in performance. Crossfit has to be experienced to be believed and once you’re in your hooked!! Give it a go you won’t be dissapointed”