Rachael 37

What would you say to people who say not fit enough to Celtic CrossFit?
I have done little or no exercise for far too long and i was absolutely terrified the first time i arrived at the box. However those fears were soon overcome as every movement is scalable and the coaches are always on hand to help and give advice and support
Why did you start Celtic CrossFit?
I already had family and friends at Celtic, some of which had trained elsewhere and couldn't speak more positively about the welcoming atmosphere.
Crossfit is too expensive?
There is no doubt you could join a regular run of the mill gym for a fraction of the membership of CrossFit but you will not get the support and encoragement that you get from Celtic. The coaches are always on hand to help whether that be in class, via social media or email and it is for this reason that i feel i havebeen able to make so much progress, they are all amazing! Also i can't not mention the other members who are so welcoming and encouraging and have got me through some pretty tough workouts that had i been doing solely in a gym would definitely not have finished.  
What difference have you seen since starting
I've lost nearly 3 stone in weight (which by my pics looks like i was carrying just in my face!) and my body shape has changed more than i ever thought possible, but aside from that my confidence in respect of exercise has had a massive boost and i've actually got to a point where i enjoy the workout (something i never thought i'd say) 
What have you enjoyed most?
I have enjoyed becoming part of something that not only helps me in respect of my health and fitness but has also enabled me to meet some amazing people who i'm lucky enough to call friends.


Hannah Reilly
What would you say to people who say not fit enough to Celtic CrossFit?
Crossfit is all about working at your level and getting fitter. The great thing is every workout and every movement is scalable to your ability and no one judges you for scaling. It's a great feeling when you manage to do something you couldn't just a week ago! 
Why did you start Celtic CrossFit?
One of my netball teammates had been at Celtic for a while and we'd seen the results she'd achieved and how much she loved it. With a bit of encouragement I thought it'd be fun to try something new and meet new people. I'm so glad I did! 
Full of shirtless grunting shouting 'athletes'?
For me the best thing about Crossfit is the atmosphere and encouragement from others. If it was full of shirtless grunting posers I wouldn't have felt comfortable. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, nothing like going into a regular gym as just another member. 
Crossfit is too expensive?
I wouldn't say Crossfit is a cheap hobby but it's definitely value for money. You're working in great facilities with carefully planned programmes and always have a coach on hand to help you improve. 
What difference have u seen since starting?
In my first year of Crossfit I lost 3 stone through training and the advice I was given to clean up my diet. But the biggest change I've seen is in my confidence. Confidence in my own ability and through the encouragement of others, this has helped way beyond training and I'm sure even helped me gain a promotion at work ? 
What do you enjoy the most?
Number one I'd have to say the people I've met through Crossfit. Couldn't have picked a better bunch. 
But I also love how varied Crossfit is, not just in terms of movements and workouts but also in types of athletes and our goals. I'm not someone who wants to compete or even push myself too far but that's fine and Crossfit allows me to train, have fun and keep fit.



Ryan Wilton 43
Occupation - Material Handling Supervisor 
walking in through the doors of Celtic CrossFit was the best fitness and lifestyle decision I've ever made. Fitter than ever after 3 years. Great coaches, great community, I cannot recommend  Celtic CrossFit enough.

What would you say to people who say they are not fit enough for Celtic CrossFit?

We are all very good at making excuses but come try a taster session or watch a class. You will soon see that there are all abilities and people at every stage of fitness working hard and challenging themselves to improve. Every exercise is scalable to suit and if you put the effort in you will definitely see the rewards.

Why did you start Celtic CrossFit?

I started Crossfit at a difficult point in my life and was looking for a new challenge and focus to help me move forward. I knew a couple of members who could only say positive things about the coaches, methods and setup and this sold me on the idea and 4 years later, I'm still there loving every session.

Full of shirtless grunting shouting 'athletes'?

The only shouting is each and every coach and member encouraging each other through the workouts and this is what is so unique and inspiring about Crossfit. Trust me you'll love it and it will spur you on to surpass all your targets.

Sometimes the odd shirt will come off mid workout ? but don't worry it's not a requirement.

Crossfit is too expensive?

At first glance it does seem expensive but ask yourself this :- how much do you pay for Sky Tv per month? how much do you spend on beer or wine on a night out? Etc 

I'm not saying stop these things but Crossfit is a lifestyle choice where the aim is to be fitter and healthier! For this the cost is a bargain. I save more money than I pay out per month by eating healthier! Tips I picked up through Crossfit. 

What difference have u seen since starting?

I thought I was quite fit when I started,  having been a regular gym user and previously done a lot of martial arts training. However now at 43 I am in the best shape of my life. I am exactly the same weight in all my pictures below at 73kg but my body shape is vastly different, and I have dropped over 7% body fat , while gaining muscle mass. The top left picture was 12 months ago the others this week ?.

Probably most importantly I feel healthier, both physically and mentally ??.

What are you enjoying most?

I enjoy the challenge of being the best I can be. Also i enjoy passing on my knowledge and experience and helping others where I can. I have made so many new friends at Celtic Crossfit through the community spirit which is second to none. I also enjoy my greatly improved self confidence and people skills which I have gained since joining. 

I've often said that joining Celtic Crossfit is the best fitness decision you will ever make.



Maria Charley Age- 29

Occupation- Solicitor

What would you say to people who say not fit enough to Celtic CrossFit?
This is the most frustrating answer I get from most of my friends and family when I say they should give it a go! Everyone has to start somewhere and you'll be supported the whole way.  
Why did you start Celtic CrossFit?
A friend of mine had mentioned Celtic Crossfit to me many years ago when it first started up in the school gym and said it would be right up my street but I was already over committed to a netball team and 2 touch rugby teams.  It took me 2 years and getting fed up of repeated ankle injuries before I finally gave it a go.  It was the best decision! 
 What training did you do before? 
I didn't really get in to sport or fitness until after I left University and had piled on the weight.  I started playing netball. I also went to a number of different local gyms for years but I never enjoyed it and always lost interest after a few weeks. 
What skills/ accomplishments have you learned or achieved since starting? 
I've learned so many new skills,  although gymnastics is still a weakness of mine.  My biggest accomplishment to date was reaching the Finals of Scale the Heights competition but I think an accomplishment that sticks in my head is getting that first unassisted pull up! 
What other differences have u seen since starting? Physically, mentally or socially? 
I have always been a yo yo dieter and probably tried every diet in the book but I now have a healthier attitude to nutrition  and weight loss.  I've learned that the number on the scale means nothing. I am now heavier than I was when I first joined but am much slimmer, leaner and stronger than I have ever been.  When you train hard too it also gives you the motivation to eat better.  
Also i have quite a stressful job so I look forward to that hour of the day where I can forget about work and worries and focus on me. It's rather therapeutic! 
Is Crossfit is too expensive?
Absolutely not. I used to pay just as much to go to a globo gym where the gym staff had no interest in you, your training, your goals and everyone in the gym would do their best to avoid making eye contact with anyone else.  Celtic Crossfit couldn't be further from that. I have made a fantastic group of lifelong friends at Celtic and reaching an exceeding my goals month by month thanks to the coaches help and input. 
What are you enjoying most?
I love training and seeing improvements week after week.  Also as important,  I love the social side of Crossfit. The whole community is so supportive.  Can you imagine other fellow globo gym users traveling hundreds of miles and giving up their weekend to support you at a competition? I doubt it! 
What are your goals moving forward? 
My focus for the past 6 months has been competition  preparation and working on my fitness. My goals for the next 6 months are to improve my strength and gymnastic skills. I have enrolled in the fortnightly gymnastic classes which focus on a specific movement each time and I also intend to start back at weightlifting class as this helped me leaps and bounds in my Olympic lifting


Kelly Aherne
This place is amazing! Great atmosphere and sense of team effort, great positivity and excellent knowledgable coaches who really care. A gym where everyone knows your name. Never going back to a normal gym.


Anna McNally 25

Occupation: Technical Consultant

What would you say to people who say not fit enough to train at Celtic CrossFit?

All the work outs are scalable (adapted to the different people in the class) you do what you can when you first start, take an active note of the weight you are using, and you build on that progressively each week.

Monitor your progress over a few months and set yourself goals! Self motivation is key and if you want it ....get earning those gains. Everyone can do Crossfit!!

People who are Worried that lifting weight will make them bulky?

Strong is sexy , it actually makes you smaller because muscle weighs less than fat. So you look better as a result. 

CrossFit is Full of shirtless grunting shouting 'athletes'?

It's just normal people training to get fitter. We all love to encourage people to get pbs (personal bests) It's a friendly encouraging atmosphere not a horrible one.

Celtic Crossfit is too expensive?

It's a lot of money to pay a month compared to a normal gym but the return is priceless. Amazing coaches, great people and the increase in health and fitness is second to none.

What difference have u seen since starting?

I've lost two stone in a year! I'm still working hard to get to my goal weight which I'm hoping to hit next February , I'm not really hard core dieting I'm changing my life style training as much as I can but eating well. I can't crash diet because I end up eating more rubbish when I'm hungry! I would definately say Crossfit is a game changer!!

What are you enjoying most?

The best thing about Crossfit is every day it's something different , no two wods (workouts) are the same! We are constantly working hard as a group of people and everyone in the box (gym) makes each session great!!

Everyone can do Celtic CrossFit...Amazing coaches, great people and the increase in health and fitness is second to none. I've lost 2 stone in a year. Everyone at the gym makes every session great.


Mark Yeandle 41

Why Celtic CrossFit?

During July 2015 having turned 40 I decided that I really should improve my overall fitness before I became a complete couch potato. Previously I typically went to a leisure centre gym approx. three times per week and saw little improvement and received very little guidance.

A friend recommended Crossfit as an alternative, instantly I thought I am not the type to take part in fitness based classes but thought I have nothing to lose so give it ago at least. After talking to Ceri about taking part I arrived to do on-ramp classes and instantly realised there was a lot more to this than meets the eye, people of all ages shapes and sizes working hard together and the box was” not full of superhero’s” but a community of likeminded people.

My first class felt pretty intimidating walking into a new environment but this was quickly settled with people introducing themselves and training with me right from day one.

I’ve seen huge changes in my body shape and fitness, I train approx. 5 times per week now, not just for the fitness but also to socialise with the many new friends I have made. I have also cleaned up my diet considerably, in the week I eat clean and low carb. At the week end I eat and drink what I like so that I do not fail in the week, this seems to work for me.

Is Celtic Crossfit too expensive?

It’s not the cheapest sport or pass time but pound for pound it has to be one of the most valuable. I receive constant guidance and advice through the coaches, my training plans are worked out for me and I can go as little or as often as I decide, all I need to do is turn up, work hard, oh and have a bit of fun on the way.



Lorna 45- mum of 3
After 2 years of Fun at Celtic CrossFit, I feel better than I ever have. No 2 days are ever the same and you can set your own goals and be the best you can be..
The coaches are top class. I have the privilege of training with my husband and 3 children..would give it more than 5 stars if I could.

Claudia Alonzi-Lewis
 I'd used a gym in the past and wasn't sure if I was even nearly ready for intense workouts! I made the leap and signed up and you're immediately put at ease by the coaches! Although the workouts can be intense, sweaty and competitive at times you can always scale weights, time limits and workouts to suit what's best for you.. not everyone will see the same results from the same workouts, everyone's body is different!..

I had a few family members and friends that were members of Celtic crossfit, and had seen the results they were gaining. Although I had been using the gym my results were no where near the same as theirs, so after a few months of recommendations I thought I would give it a go...

I get a guaranteed good workout, educated on Olympic lifts and cardio, the right advice every session, use of good equipment and access to a great community!

...My noticeable differences are fitness levels, I can run further and lift more than ever! I've lost 3 stone in weight and more feel more confident in myself.
...I love the group of people I have become very friendly with due to Crossfit.

Name - Dave Vigar 

Age - 35 

Occupation - Newport international Sports Village 

What would you say to people who say not fit enough to Celtic Crossfit? 

Everyone has to start somewhere and that if you think like that you’ll never start.

All the members here train to their own levels of fitness and abilities, but working together we are able achieve new goals and levels which we originally thought impossible I.e. run 1 mile or complete a handstand press-up.

Crossfit will make you fit, all you need is the right attitude and desire to change yourself..... It is for everyone!

Why did you start Celtic Crossfit?

After training in various gyms just doing the usual weights and the odd bit of cardio and thinking that my strength and fitness were doing well, I was introduced to Crossfit though a friend. After the 1st session I was hooked, and looking forward going back (even with serious DOMS) and realising that I wasn’t as fit as I first thought. What took me back was the friendly atmosphere and my aim to improve my abilities and achieve new goals. 

Full of shirtless grunting shouting 'athletes'?

The only noises you’ll here are the sounds of had wok and encouragement, which helps loads when you think you cant carry on and complete the workout or max out a lift 

Crossfit is too expensive?

Compared to regular gyms and budget gyms it is expensive, however you receive quality coaching every session and everything is programmed for you, so all you have to do is turn up and have fun. 

What difference have u seen since starting?

Since stating Crossfit I have seen my strength and fitness levels go up and my body shape change. It gave me a new found confidence in life and makes me feel good about myself. My diet has improved (can be slightly better lol) and has helped me achieve my goals. Have also made some great friends while being at Celtic Crossfit. 

What are you enjoying the most?

I’m enjoying constantly varied programme, no session is the same, the results from this are seen at everyday Celtic Crossfit sessions, with all members constantly improving in all aspects of fitness and life!

The community here at Celtic Crossfit plays a big part in making fitness fun, as there are many different events that we take part in I.e.  ½ marathon’s, tough mudders, triathlons and Crossfit competitions, each of these events are well supported by fellow members.

Name: Louise Batty 

What would you say to people who say not fit enough to Celtic CrossFit?

I thought I was fit – but coming to Celtic CrossFit does wonders for your all round fitness. I ache in ways I didn’t think I could, my body is being challenged in a way no other sport can! After my first month at the box I realised how quickly my fitness had progressed and I ditched the scales and started focusing on strength – fitness isn’t a part your decision to be part of Celtic CrossFit just the desire to change who you are.

Why did you start Celtic CrossFit?

I came to the box after a huge decision to stop the lifestyle I was leading and actually DO something about it instead of procrastinating every Sunday night! After a round of “Lean in 15” and home exercise I had hit a plateau and although I was on the road to getting in shape, I was struggling through lack of support. I had always want to try weightlifting and had been recommended to try CrossFit since I enjoyed the short explosive work outs at home (Joe Wicks and Shaun T were no longer doing it for me!). I wanted to be good at something again and compete, I wanted to be part of a team and community environment where I would thrive – Celtic CrossFit does all of that!!

Full of shirtless grunting shouting 'athletes'?

No way – full of genuine people all working together, shouting - yes but that’s the support you get to finish the WODS – shirt or no shirt!

CrossFit is too expensive?

Not compared to what I paid for the gym in London! Worth every single penny – the coaching support is amazing and I can honestly say I have never walked into a “boring” gym and felt so welcomed – you get what you pay for J

What difference have u seen since starting?

My journey at Celtic CrossFit has been amazing! I am happily sharing my “fat underwear” picture to show everyone you can change your body shape so dramatically. I am not sure what I weighed in my “after” picture (and don’t care) – I loved the way I looked. I was intrigued at my progress and few weeks ago at 8 months pregnant I took the same picture - I am amazed at how strong I look. CrossFit is the most scalable sport you can do while pregnant and the benefits during my second pregnancy never ceases to amaze me. Burpees become box steps and presses, weight is decreased or modified and I am still finding I am achieving new goals. I have no back problems, no hip issues and mostly I feel so strong! I am still attending classes with just 2 weeks to go and cannot wait to show the new addition how strong his Mama is and introduce him to the Celtic CrossFit community.

What are you enjoying most?

The whole experience – I am absolutely loving CrossFit. As regular at Dawn Patrol I can honestly say there has not been one morning when I haven’t wanted to get up. I look forward to the box, classes and the community – it’s like being part of the best sports team EVER!